œnologie et développement

Oenological advice and Development


Tasting, vinification, assemblages, aging.

Development of new markets

Creating of a range of wines for market acquisition : sampling in order to create a range that will allow market penetration. I have carried out this precise oenological application several times.


Organic winemaking process

Create a style that best represents the terroir. Limit the inputs to a strict minimum. Use the cru’s local flora. Respect given specifications. Adapt to vintage millésime conditions.


Create a strategy, set the objectives, put together (if necessary) a societal structure, devise business plans, implement production tools, recruit and fine tune brands, logos and products.

conseil oenologique

Experience of developments

  • Creation and development of a distribution company for Bordeaux wines.
  • Conception, creation followed by the running of a manufacturing J.V. and management of oenological wood brands.
  • Development of an analysis partnership between a university laboratory and a company of services.
  • Conception of a distribution company for wines from the Mediterranean basin.