Dégustation Dominique de Beauregard

Strategy, Development and Quality in Oenology & Cooperage

In 2017 I will conduct tests with Flexcube. This innovation from Australia allows the ageing of wines and spirits. The oxygen permeability of this easy-to-use small tank offers the advantages of quality control at a reasonable cost. Its use can be associated with quality oak adjuncts.

Dominique de Beauregard, consultant in oenology and quality, makes his experience available to châteaux, traders and bottling companies…

By drawing on my experience as an expert in the association of wood and wine in research and development, I am involved in the development of companies. Once the strategy and the steps to be taken have been determined, I actively participate in their implementation.

My clients

  • On an international level.
  • Within the wine industry: estates, traders, bottlers and suppliers (cooperage, alternatives, etc).
  • And also within the world of spirits, beer or water.

Oak & Wine


Oenology & Development

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chêne et vinA specialist for more than 10 years in the research and development of oak for winemaking, my role is to assist users in their search for the right combination of wood and wine at the best price for barrels and ‘alternative’ oenological wood within vinification and aging processes. qualityWhich quality control processes to put in place or to optimise, according to my solid experience with fine wines? Management, quality and winemaking process, optimisation of costs, customer service, export, traceability and reporting… oenologieTake advantage of my advice on oenology (bottling, winemaking process, assemblages, aging, tasting, barrel aging) and development to ensure the long-term quality of your winemaking by creating a personalised strategy and objectives. contactFor more information on services, to obtain a quote or to simply discuss your vinification issues, contact me by telephone or by e-mail. We will thus be able to take it from there and discuss the prospect of a future collaboration.